The use of Stucco Lucido dates back in history and was predominant during the Renaissance and the Baroque eras. This was especially prevalent in the Venice region of Italy.

Venestuk is a replication of the fine art that the master plasterers of the bygone ages created. Modern day production techniques have enabled the unique properties of Stucco Lucido to be enhanced. Venestuk is produced from mature lime putty, fine quality vegetable extracts, carbons, mineral pigments and carefully selected natural fillers which all combine to make the performance of the paste and its application easier than in days of old.

Venestuk is suitable for application to internal surfaces of ceilings and walls to create a attractive and unique aesthetic effect. The ultra smooth, translucent and polished decorative stucco enable the designer to experiment in effects that are rich in structure, subtle in shade and receptive to artistic use of lighting to create special effects. 

Technical characteristics

Weight 1750 g/litre.

pH 12

Drying Time 2-3 days depending on weather conditions.

Full cure 1 month.

Coverage 1.5 kgs/m² dependent upon the substrate.


The optimum background for Venestuk is newly applied lime plaster where it can be applied without the requirement for a bonding agent. Preparation of the substrate is required if the Venestuk is to be applied over synthetic backgrounds of previous paint, cement plaster , gypsum or concrete.

Corifondo should be used as a bonding primer for concrete or cement and Coridecor Start for gypsum or previous coatings.

Venestuk is supplied readymixed in paste form requiring only stirring with a light duty whisk. .Backgrounds should be lightly dampened to control suction and temperatures should be between 5ºC and 35ºC.

Application of Venestuk is by an especially flexible stainless steel trowel or spatula in two or three passes. The layers should not exceed 0.3 to 0.5 mm, each applied before the preceding coat has totally dried. This Venestuk is applied in a diagonal pattern to the prior coat to create a random but consistent form. As the material begins to set it is steel trowelled to blend the coats into a uniform decorative form that is unique in its beauty.

The finished surface is polished with wool or cotton cloth to create an attractive sheen or beeswax can be applied as a protective layer. Waxing should not be undertaken until the works have been accepted for handover as repair afterwards is difficult. Waxing enhances the depth of colour and resistance to soiling by making it washable.


The Venestuk can be supplied in a natural white paste and Stabilcori or Corimix natural pigments are added on site to create the desired decorative effect.  There are eight standard colours or the recreation of shades from the Corical Lime Paint Catalogue are possible.


25 kg and 5 kg plastic buckets.

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