Product Description

Corical is a mineral, non-organic limewash for indoor and outdoor use, which gives a traditional matt finish.  It is a ready mixed limewash containing only natural, pure, high-quality products.

Application area

Thanks to its intrinsic qualities, Corical is utmost resistant to atmospheric pollution and can as such be applied in the most severe climatic circumstances.  Corical can be applied on all types of mineral substrates like bricks, natural stones, renders and plasters, etc.

Preparation of the substrate

Stable, clean surfaces – such as lime renders and plasters, limewashes as well as traditional masonry in brick or natural stone built with lime mortar – do not require any prior treatment.  Powdery surfaces must be removed back to a sound substrate.  Carry out any repairs and fillings of interior surfaces using Coridecor Start or Rasadecor filler and/or Rasocal lime putty.  For exterior applications use natural hydraulic lime mortars.  

It is advisable to completely remove any previous synthetic coatings, especially for external applications, as well as any remaining adhesives such as wallpaper paste, for instance.  If these are not entirely removed, sand down the surface until a matt appearance is obtained, then clean it with a solution of about 3% ammonia.   Unstable backgrounds and backgrounds with uneven absorption should be stabilised with Corifondo sealer.

Never apply a primer coat of Corifondo externally on solid walls without a cavity.


Mix the limewash thoroughly before use.  Apply the limewash with airless (diluted with 30 to 40 % of water / nozzle 0,79mm), a rectangular brush or a short-bristle roller, depending on the desired result.  Application using a rectangular brush enhances the natural nuances and effects of the limewash.  It is possible to work in large stripes of 80 to 100 cm in width, or even by motions in multi directions applied to the wall at random, to obtain a moiré effect.

On dry surfaces, apply two successive coats.  Dilute the first coat with 20 to 50% of water, the second with 5 to 10% water.  For frescoes, in case of fairly damp lime plaster and lime renders, apply three coats.  Dilute the first coat with 80% of water, the second with 50% water, and the third with 30% water. Drying time between coats: 12 hours.

Do not apply Corical limewash to surfaces exposed to strong winds or direct sunlight, nor in case of heavy fog or temperatures under +5°C or over +30°C.  Immediately clean tools in water. 


Indicative consumption: 0,270 l/m² in two layers.

The average coverage per litre of limewash amounts 4 to 6 m² in two layers.

Packing and storage

Plastic buckets of 1 litre, 5 litres and 15 litres.

The stability of the silicate paint is at least 24 months provided being stored in airtight closed containers and suitable environmental conditions.  Store in a cool and dry environment, outside the reach of frost and direct sunlight.  Protect from heat sources.

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