Product Description

Decorlux is a ready-mixed marble finish for interior use.  It is a pure mineral product.  The main component is conditioned lime putty manufactured from selected raw materials.


0,3 to 1 kg/m², depending on the base


The product is supplied in natural white and in 20 ready-mixed shades.  The Coridecor oxide colour concentrates can be used to produce any colour you want.



Corifondo should be applied as a base coat before using Decorlux on synthetic and gypsum backgrounds.  This primer is a base coat material for the Coridecor stucco products.  The primer provides a base, which will absorb Decorlux evenly and give a good bond.  Vapour permeability is also maintained.  Corifondo can be diluted with water (20 to 50%), depending on the absorption capacity of the base.  Corifondo can also be coloured with the oxide colour concentrates so that the first colour can be applied as early as the base coat.

Types of base

Gypsum, lime, lime-cement and cement plasters

First remove dust parts from the plasterwork, next cover with primer or thin plaster and then apply Corifondo as the base coat.


Concrete should be pre-treated with a suitable primer before applying Corifondo as the base coat.

Gypsum plasterboard, chipboard

Gypsum plasterboard and chipboard must be rendered flat and smooth with a suitable primer or plaster, before applying Corifondo as the base coat.

The base must be absolutely dry and form a stable background before the base coat is applied.  Loose or peeling paint, lime paint and distemper should be removed. Allow the Corifondo to dry thoroughly (12 hours) before starting to apply Decorlux.

How to use Decorlux

Apply Decorlux with the flexible 80 x 200 trowel from the stainless steel 120 x 280 trowel.  Apply in small quantities (to cover), at least three times.

Once the surface is perfect, you can start polishing.  Again the right tool is particularly important.  Clean the flexible trowel with 300 grit sandpaper.  It is recommended that you do not apply a final coat of wax to Decorlux surfaces.  The surface will shine without wax and can always be patched.  Coridecor Plastelux can be used where washable surfaces are required (restaurants, hotels, public buildings and high-moisture rooms).


25 kg and 5 kg plastic buckets.

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