Lime putty compound

Product properties

Pure Lime Putty, selected, free of impurities

Heat resistant

Product properties

Repairs and restoration work.

As a fine smooth finish for plaster and decoration.

For salt-and-pepper effects on fine finish lime plaster.

Suitable substrates/backgrounds – interior or exterior

Prepared plaster surfaces

New finishing plaster/render

Method of application

Dampen the substrate with water if excessively dry

Ensure that the surface areas to be treated are free of dust, oil, grease and contaminating substances

Avoid applying at temperatures of less than +5ºC and more than +35ºC

Apply two coats with a trowel or float to level off the surface

To be finished with a float or spatula, moistening with water if necessary

Main properties

  Specific weight 1360g/litre

  PH over 12

  Colour white

  Alkali-resistance no alteration

  Hardening with approx. 3 hours of application – less in high temperatures

  Average theoretical yield 50m² per 22kg pack

  Average consumption kg 0.400 kg / m²

Packaging and storage

22kg plastic buckets

Store in a cool, dry place, away from frost and direct sunlight

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