Product Description

Start is a natural, white plaster in a paste form that is made from mature lime putty, marble powder, silica’s and additives selected to enhance adhesion to weak substrates with excellent workability.

Due to its vapour permeability Start can be used as a finishing material as it is. Suitable for polishing and is ideal as a background to receive mineral paint. The material is ideal for the invisible repair of a wide range of substrates due to its excellent adhesion and ease of application. Start sets quickly with good mechanical strength and is uniform in appearance. It is also resistant to heat.

Start can be used in both restoration and refurbishment either as a preparation for decoration or in repairs to unsatisfactory plaster.

Technical Characteristics

Weight 2000 g/l

pH > 12

Granular Sizing max. 0.5 mm

Drying Time Approx. 3 hours

Coverage 2.0 – 2.4 kg/m²

Packaging 5 kg or 25 kg tubs


Start is a bonding medium or levelling plaster that is used as a preparation on all synthetic or weak backgrounds, gypsum boards, mineral or cementitious substrates etc prior to the application of lime putty plasters or paints.

Start may be used internally and externally.

Backgrounds should be clean and free from all traces of dust, oil and grease. If the substrate has been treated with any impregnating sealer of silicone or similar, our technical services department should be consulted.

Start should be applied in temperatures between 5°C and 35°C.

Start is applied by trowel in two passes to a perfectly flat finish. The thickness of the coat shall be 1 to 3mm. The material can be wetted down and sponged or floated to a uniform finish.


A natural colour of white in a paste form

Safety Precautions

Irritating to skin.  Risk of serious damage to eyes.  In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice.  Keep away from children.  

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