Product Description

Plastelux is manufactured from lime, linseed oil and special mineral pigments blended for use as a sealer for Venestuk Stucco. By the application of the Plastelux, the decorative effects of all the Venetian plasters are enhanced in colour and depth to create a high sheen finish.

Technical characteristics

Weight 1650 g/litre.

pH 12

Drying Time 2-3 days depending on weather conditions.

Full cure 1 month.

Coverage 0.3 to 1.0 kgs/m² dependent upon the substrate 

(Plastelux can be thinned with White Spirit if required)

Packaging 5kg or 25kg tubs.


Plastelux is washable and stain resistant creating an enamel appearance to the Venetian plasters. There is no requirement to wax over the Plastelux as its structure makes the finish easy to repair either by overcoating or isolated repair.

Application of Plastelux is by special stainless steel trowel or spatula in two or three passes.

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