Product Description

Corifondo is a vapour-permeable primer coat for unstable and synthetic base surfaces. The product will make dusty base surfaces sound and will give the paint or top coats a more uniform effect due to a more even absorption of water.

For any type of Coridecor topcoat finish, the colour shades and wavy moiré effect will be toned down.

Technical data

Dilution 20 to 50% water

Application brush

Specific weight 1 kg/l

Coverage 100 to 150 g/m2


Corifondo is applied to a lime or cement base, plasterboard systems, old, powdery mortar, synthetic paints and any unstable base (indoor use).

Corifondo is diluted with 20 to 50% water, depending on the absorption of the base. The product must be mixed well prior to use. Corifondo is applied by brush in one coat.


1 kg, 5 kg or 25 kg buckets

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