Ecocera is a natural wax to be used as a protection coat against dirt and for rendering surfaces watertight.  Ecocera is composed of very pure bleached bee wax, free of solvents, and emulsified in Marseille soap, prepared the old fashioned way.


Application area

Ecocera is used as a protection layer on inner walls.  It may be applied on every type of slick background (old or new) such as lime wash, silicate paint, marble finishes Coristil, Decorlux,Venestuk and others…

Ecocera is applied to homogenize and enhance the natural shiny and velvet effect of the Coridecor decorative range, without altering the colour of the finish.

Ecocera is especially suited to protect surfaces against dirt in crowded places like stairs, bars and reception areas, and also to protect surfaces against humidity, such as in kitchens and bathrooms.


Preparation of the background

The background must be stable, clean and dry.



Ecocera is a ready to use product and should only be stirred thoroughly before use.  When the paste is too hard due to low temperature, warm up the product at about 30°C.

Apply the wax evenly with a soft cloth, a sponge or a brush to spread the product equally.  When completely dry, polish the surface firmly with a clean dry cloth to obtain the natural shiny effect.


Packing and consumption

Plastic containers of 0,75 l, 2,5 l and 5 l.

The stability of the product is at least 12 months provided being stored in airtight closed containers at temperatures between +5°C and +35°C.  Store in a cool and dry environment. Protect from frost, direct sunlight and heat sources.

Consumption : 30 – 40 m²/l per layer

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