Product Description

Fine wall covering with a valuable aesthetic appearance.

With a smooth, clouded and semi-polished appearance according to the degree of finishing.

Coristil is transpiratory and offers good steam permeability. The special fibre used gives it a particular reinforced structure, guaranteeing exceptional durability and consistency over time. Its aesthetic and qualitative characteristics mean that Coristil is mainly used in restoration work but it is also suitable for new projects.

Nature of the Base

It is preferable to apply Coristil onto new plaster with no preliminary treatment. It can, however, also be applied to a base which has already been painted with water paint, provided that paint has good adherence and a degree of porousness and roughness. However, if the base is covered with several coats of thick paint, it is advisable to carefully scrape them off.

For crumbly, highly absorbent bases, a coat of transparent Fondodecor, 100% diluted with water, must be applied beforehand.

Preparation and Application

Coristil is supplied ready to use. Soak the base with water, beforehand, particularly in the warm summer months. Apply Coristil with a stainless steel float, ensuring that the product is spread evenly. When the first coat is completely dry, apply the second coat, always working the product with pressure. When the second coat is in the process of drying, go over it again with the remaining material, finishing off small areas. Finally, polish by pressing on it with a plastic float.

Main Characteristics

Appearance: smooth and polished

Specific weight: 1670 g/l  +/-20

pH: 13

Consumption: kg 1.5 – 2.2 / m² depending on base

Drying: sheltered from rain, 2/3 days

Maximum hardness: approximately 1 month

Colours: white + colour chart

Packaging: 5 – 25 kg plastic tubs

Keep in a cool, dry place, at temperatures of more than +3°C and less than +35°C.


Eye and skin irritant. In case of contact, wash immediately and thoroughly with water and see a doctor. Keep the packaging out of children’s reach.

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