Product Description

Rasadecor is a mineral filler that is used for the levelling and preparation of the substrate.  Rasadecor is composed of lime putty, an appropriate well-graded marble powder and suitable mineral additives to assure a good bond.

Application area

Rasadecor may be used internally and externally to level the background and to diminish difference in absorption.

It may be used on any slick background (old or new).

A slick absorbing background is obtained, ready to receive all kinds of finishes such as lime wash, silicate paint, marble finishes Decorlux, Venestuk and others… 

Preparation of the background

The background must be stable and carefully prepared according to its nature.  Unstable finishing layers must be removed or cleaned with a suitable cleaner and sanded down slightly if they are in good condition.  Use natural hydraulic lime mortars Unilit or lime putty plaster Start to repair stones and joints, damaged masonry and/or unstable finishing layers thicker than 1 or 2 mm.

It is advisable to completely remove any previous synthetic coatings, especially for external applications.  Finishing layers that are in good condition and should be maintained must be cleaned with a solution of water and ammonia (2 to 5%) and slightly sanded down.  Apply a sealer coat of Corifondo diluted with water at a ratio of 1 to 3 in volume on the existing finishing.  Never apply a primer coat of Corifondo externally on solid walls without a cavity.


When surfaces are very dry and in high temperatures, the substrate benefits from being damped prior to application of the first coat. Saturation of the substrate is not recommended, as this will influence negatively impact upon the bond of the lime filler to the substrate as well as the aesthetic appearance.

Rasadecor is a ready-to-use product, and should only be stirred well prior to use.  The filler is applied by inox trowel in one or two passes at a maximum thickness of 1 mm in total.  The filler is levelled with the trowel before it is completely dry.

The filler should not be applied in temperatures lower than +5°C.  Never apply on a frozen background or in the case of thick fog.  In hot, windy and dry conditions, measures should be taken to prevent accelerated drying out of the freshly applied filler.  The filler must be protected for frost during 48 to 72 hours after the application.

Packing and storage

Plastic buckets of 1 kg, 5 kg or 25 kg.

The stability of the product is at least 6 months if stored in airtight closed containers and suitable environmental conditions.  Store in a cool and dry environment, outside the reach of frost and direct sunlight.  Protect from heat sources.

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