LIME PRIMER (Fondo Uniforcalce)

PRIMER FOR MINERAL FINISHES with GRANULATE of 0.10, 0.25 or 0.50 mm


Lime primer is a breathable primer with a high breathability for a mineral limewash or a thin mortar layer on unstable or synthetic substrates.  The product is only composed of natural, pure and high quality components : matured lime putty, natural additives and quartzes.

Lime primer regulates the absorption of the substrate ; it is extremely permeable to water vapour.  The product can be finished with mineral paints and/or fine mortars.

Lime primer is alkali-resistant.


Application area

Lime primer is particularly suitable for finishes in existing buildings, f.i. in case of restorations.  The product can be applied on smooth and rough plasters, existing paintings, porous stones and any type of masonry, as long as the substrates is dry.


Preparation of the substrate

Stable, clean surfaces – such as lime renders and plasters, limewashes as well as traditional masonry in brick or natural stone built with lime mortar – do not require any prior treatment.  Powdery surfaces must be removed back to a sound substrate.  Carry out any repairs and fillings of interior surfaces using Coridecor Start or Rasadecor filler and/or Rasocal lime putty.



Lime Primer is a ready-mix product, but can eventually be diluted with 5% of water.  It is applied in one layer with a brush or with a roll.  If a second layer is necessary, it should only be applied after complete drying of the firstlayer.


Packing and consumption

Recyclable plastic buckets of 5 and 25 kg.

The stability of the product is at least 12 months when stored in airtight closed containers and suitable environmental conditions.

Store in a cool and dry environment, outside the reach of frost and direct sunlight.  Protect from heat sources.

Indicative consumption : 200 g/m² (0,10mm)  –  250 g/m² (0.25mm)  –  350 g/m² (0.50mm)


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