Uula Lasure is a natural paint made from line oil and natural resins.  The color can be obtained with earth colors (like f.ex. ochre) and white titane.  Uula Lasure contains an aromatic solvant (max. 300 g/l).  It’s possible to dilute with turpentine.

Technical properties

Colors     see color card, other colors on demand

Use   for all substrates in wood in the interior ; 

at the exterior only on red cedar or preserved wood

Coverage  9 – 15 m²/l for planed timber

Tools   circular or leveling paint brush

Drying time  dry after 5 to 8 hours, ready for next layer after 24 hours

Containers  0,9 l, 2,7 l, 9 l (transparent)

  1 l, 3 l, 10 l (coloured)


Clean the wood and scrape the unstable parts.  

Apply one, two or three layers, dependant of the desired color or transparancy.  Sand down the first layer in order to take off the lifting fibres.  Don’t sand down (or almost not) the second and the third layer.   

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