Product Description

Keim Biosil is a ready-to-use silicate based interior paint manufactured in accordance with DIN EN 13 300 (also complies with DIN 18 363 sect. 2.4.1 silicate emulsion paint).

Keim Biosil is suitable for all normal interior wall and ceiling surfaces, e.g. in offices, living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms and cellars.

Keim Biosil is particularly suitable for sensitive areas such as hospitals, nurseries or schools and also for food storage areas. 

Keim Biosil is not suitable for surfaces with salt efflorescence, on wood and enamels.

Porous or sandy substrates, or with differences in porosity like plasterboards, benefit of being prepared with KEIM Spezial-Fixativ prior to application.

Application instructions

Substrate preparation and application :

The substrate must be sound, dry, clean and free of dust and grease. Substrate and air temperature during application and drying > 5°C.

On loam render a pretreatment with Keim Spezial-Fixativ is recommended, diluted with water 1 : 1.  Priming coat to be diluted with approx. 20% water, finishing coat to be diluted with approx. 10% water.  In this case no additional dilution with Keim Spezial-Fixativ is needed.

Keim Biosil may be applied by brush, roller (recommended for smooth substrates, for example plasterboard: short pile roller) or by airless spraying (nozzle size: 0.64 mm/ 0.025 inch).

In general, at least 6 hours must be left between coats if two coats of the paint are to be applied.


Two coats on a smooth substrate: 

approx. 0,220 l of Keim Biosil per m2 (corresponds to approx. 4.5 m2/l), and approx. 0,01 l of Keim Spezial-Fixativ.

Cleaning of tools

Clean with water immediately after use. 


5 l and 15 l buckets


12 months in sealed container under cool, frost-free conditions. Protect from heat and direct sunlight.

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